Cosmology, …and kantian antinomies…

A student of kant could have predicted long ago that this would happen: the issue seems to be the ‘antinomial’ character of the whole dilemma of ‘big bang’ versus…what?
Physicists would scoff at philosophy, but their confusion is somehow transparent, and will continue…Frankly, the contempt is reciprocated. Kant stated the problem over two centuries ago.

The idea of a ‘relative beginning’ might help, and in any case the concept of some absolute beginning of time and space makes no sense (and its negation is hardly any more coherent).

But in a broader sense it appears to make sense to consider that a relative beginning applies to the so-called ‘big bang’….

The antinomy is question is, ‘there is a beginning in time’, and ‘there is no beginning in time’…

James Peebles won this year’s Nobel prize in physics for helping transform the field of cosmology into a respected science, but if there’s one term he hates to hear, it’s “Big Bang Theory.”

Source: Top cosmologist’s lonely battle against ‘Big Bang’ theory

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