Bourgeois/proletarian revolution: working class, universal class

The idea of working class revolution is the great idea of the marxist left but it should be critiqued with the rest of the canon. But it is so classic that it should remain after being recast as the foundation for a new communism.

However, our model of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ suggests a way to bring bourgeois revolution and working class revolution in a single process: universalize the working class into a universal class and create revolutionary protocols for all classes: capitalists, upper/lower bourgeoisie, lumpenproles, shades of the working class (which includes multiple salaried subsets of the whole, including even salaried managers of capitalist orgs, and the virtual majority of all members of modern economies as subject to wage labor and capitalist framing (exploitation). Engels was a revolutionary and a capitalist capitalist, marx a stolid bourgeois (and it shows, a bit of a snob). The transition to postcapitalism requires all those from all classes who can agree to a common version of neo-communism, a tall order until you adopt more flexible models like our DMNC which has one fundamental beside any other compromises: expropriation of basic capital. Capitalist can mutate into such a system beyond private property, upper/lower bourgeois are eminently adapted to such a system, etc…Almost everyone in the end is working class and that is the near universal class of all those who are (usually wage laborers) subject to the conditions and conditioning of capitalism…

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