Teleology amid theistic obsessions

The teleological argument looks naive now, and yet, stripped of its theistic obsession, leaves the simple question about teleology in nature and a different mostly empirical approach to the subject.
A empirical approach lacks universalist rigor, but the point is simply that a given entity, here world history, suddenly makes sense if we adopt a kind of teleological interpretation. That can fail at once, die and resurrect, and we might retreat to directionality, in history, with an inference open but on hold that that is evidence of the teleological. Taken out of the muddle of theistic proofs and theological dogmas the whole issue enters into a more intuitive and palpable mode.

The issues of ‘design’, teleology, proofs of the existence of god, and finally ‘intelligent’ design are all different and can’t be safely collated in a typical secular…

Source: secular humanist (and religious) confusion over…//The Teleological Argument – Darwiniana

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