The success and failure of the ‘Second International’ era

The left seems to be reviving but that can become illusory as the basic stance of protest fails to be followed by a cogent program of social change. Flush with the new marxist materials the second international shows what happens with an organized vision of ‘what is to be done’.

But the failures of that period have failed to find a critique or upgrade and simply repeat the older program.
We have suggested many times the way to such an upgrade: it must look at the failures of government, the failures of planning and the analysis of markets, the failures of ‘state capitalism’ and the wrong approach to expropriation. Our DMNC tries to take that fourfold set of colliding ‘opposites’ and bring them into harmony. Itself simplistic in nonetheless points to the vacuum of thinking that attends most marxist derivatives.

The Red Forty-eight Group is an abstract model of a new leftist movement that is postmarxist but socialist/neo-communist.

Source: R48G: Last and First Men: an intro to postmarxism as neo-communism… – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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