The eonic effect as a new leftist tool…

The eonic effect at a minimum points to the most basic outline of history with a focus on three turning points, intervals, or eras: in the wake of egypt/sumer, in the wake of the axial period, and in the wake of the early modern, or modernity as such.
You an argue about this but this basic structure in outline is empirical and can be taken without theory to reconstruct a leftist perspective. It is the most basic and obvious way to study world history and is not the brittle theory of historical materialism dominant now.
You can take the eonic effect much further with its own model which is open to its own debate, but at the most basic level a new socialist society can’t base itself on the crude redutionist scientism of the marx corpus…

The left needs a new view of history, but first it needs to escape from darwinism which is now an obsolete paradigm and a source of social darwinist ideology. That’s a good test of the left: …

Source: A new view of left history – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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