The older left is still aiming for bolshevism 2.0: it won’t happen

Too much of the left is still stuck in marxist cliche syndrome even as a new era of protest emerges that could lead to basic transformation. These older marxist groups with their archaic jargon threaten to alienate a new generation of protest, if they haven’t done so already.
We have suggested a new approach to the whole question, and that the left must start by repudiating the older legacy of bolshevism and redefining a revolutionary path without pious references to leninism.

We have suggested:
make marx a part of an heroic saga of early socialism. Stop treating him as the Holy Founder and making his ideas the framework for transformation: over and over they have misled revolutionaries, partly because of ‘productive force determinism’, a useless theory

be clear where his theories of history are flawed, e.g. as noted, stages of production theory…
move beyond historical materialism and its economic focus to a larger/comprehensive view of society…
adopt a new perspective of history that is open to the interpretation as the action of free agents
a revolutionary proposal must be failsafed with a strong set of built in checks and balances to keep it from the inexorable deviation into dictatorship.
construct models of socialism and socialist economies that can actually work and stop peddling the same old state bureaucratic economy nonsense…

We have produced an example of a kind of model of a socialist contruct. You cannot preach socialism in the abstract, take power and then define what that means.
Our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ is an albeit itself limited example and it shows one way to organize a postcapitalist situation. It deals political issues of democracy and authority, expropriation and a Commons, the ambiguity of markets and the potential of socialist markets, planning and the new technologies that might make it work, and much else…
The point is that simply waving a flag ‘socialism’ isn’t enough…..

Communism’s first trial should have been a slam dunk, instead it got Lenin and Stalin, and, to be sure, a most vicious and creepy counterrevolutionary range of forces …

Source: marxists can’t seem to grasp the failure of bolshevism…//1918: first year of the Russian Revolution, part six – a balance sheet – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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