Chinese Revolution: failure and semantic noise

It is part of the confusion created by marxism, and much of the left, that the case of Chinese communism is taken as communism at all.
The problem springs from the failure to define outcomes in detail so that deviations are failsafed.

In period since 1949, the Chinese state squeezed more work out of the workers and peasants in order to accumulate surpluses that could be invested for the diversification of the economy. The economic and political choices over this seventy year period produced many twists and turns, ups and downs in the process of unleashing a great leap forward, a cultural revolution and then a ‘reform ‘ agenda. It is in this fourth stage after the ‘reforms’ where the challenges of militarism, financialization and environmental degradation will test the mettle of Chinese socialism.

Source: Chinese Revolution at 70: Twists and Turns, to What? –

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