World History and the Eonic Effect

The study of the eonic effect is practically censored but it is an indispensable guide to the confusions of world history and of evolutionary theories.

It is a long study and our remarks about the modern transition are but a part of a far larger study which transcends the particular incidents of developing civilization. We can see the dilemma of being an Enlightenment promoter (but then again why not). If one finds a contradictory aspect as between Romanticism and the Enlightenment, try the dialectic of Egyptian religion, Sumerian rationality as a culture emergent, the Greek and Indian Enlightenment (what to say of the Chinese), the emergence of both monotheism and then atheism, the birth of science and the gestation of immense literatures.

The real issue that should caution quiet desperation is why man as man has done so little for himself in the immense bestowal of gifts from a mysterious complex (in which theistic historicism is a mere moment in passing) which we have called the ‘eonic evolution’ of civilization.

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