We have to start from the beginning, which is the fact of Trump’s having been a money launderer for the Russian mafia capitalist class for all those years. (It is an absolute disgrace that nearly the entire socialist left has ignored this fact.) Trump’s financial ties made him largely beholden to a rival capitalist class; they meant that he is not under the complete control of the US capitalist class. A wing of the US capitalist class has been willing to accept this. Some of them do because Trump’s policies have so enhanced their short term profits. Others, a few, do so for ideological reasons. These capitalists actually believe that it is possible to turn the clock back 100 years as far as workers’ rights, the rights of women and people of color and gays, etc. The Mercer family is a prime example of the latter.View of US capitalist class mainstream But the mainstream of the US capitalist class sees him as a massively destabilizing force at home and as a “security risk” abroad.

Source: Impeachment, Ukraine and Syria – Oakland Socialist

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