Marxism in the post-hegelian tide of scientism

In fact, modernity itself has failed to achieve its potential and lives in a reduced version of the modern transition. The correct stance toward science has never quite been established and the onset of darwinism, after a far superior take from figures like Lamarck, has turned science into an ideological scientism…We see the revolt in kant, hegel, the romantics, and many others (including rational enlightenment thinkers) but strangely marx and engels got caught in the anti-hegelian confusion which turned scientism into a leftist religion…

Marx’s reductionist scientism has crippled the left. You would think that after Kant and Hegel the left could have produced a more intelligent framework than historical materialism. But that&…

Source: Scientism in the era of the anti-hegelian movement… – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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