World history, the ultimate IQ quiz…?

I came upon one of the internet’s ‘free IQ quiz’ sites and was mildly appalled by the high degree of bullshit in IQ tests. But they persist because they often correlate with other things and then harm people psychologically. But such tests are mostly about puzzles of one kind or another, and many intelligent people can’t do them beyond a scratch. I tried one and got 19 out of 21 and then was asked for $20 to get the result.
19/21 is about 90% which is between one and two sd’s over the mean: IQ about 125 to 140. Pure baloney, I may have flubbed the math, I used to write sonnets in my head (bad ones, alas), what can measure that? Many people have latent skills never measured on any test, let alone a silly IQ test. And the questions of physical and emotional skills/intelligence never even enters. There would have to be a test of each of those skills against a mean average of skills, which hardly makes sense. Since humanity is failing dramatically in many of the tests of real life, something is amiss in the whole project of IQ study. Our politics, and politicians, show exceptional stupidity, of the machiavellian brand.

The ultimate test is the study of world history, but that isn’t quite the normal kind of test:

1. you can take up to five years for this test (longer if you have a job taking up a lot of time), it has no final score and will modify intelligence the more you persist…you need a good library…
2. assemble a bibliography of 1000 books stretched across world history and across ten thousand years and/or the whole of time since life on earth, determine if world history shows non-random patterns, has an evolutionary dynamic, shows any teleological aspect and what factors/definitions of consciousness are required to analyze that question mark, ‘man’. etc, etc…You will realize that the task is beyond anyone’s intelligence, but approximations are of value. A hint: the Toynbee/Spengler attempt to find the ‘dynamic’ of civilizations failed, there is a better candidate, differential time-slices… The question of teleology is complex and subject to bad fumbles, and attracts theological crackpot theologians. The religious aspect is unnerving because the christian histories are confusingly apt and yet wrong: your religious beliefs will block study, but so will stupid scientism and reductionist darwinism. You will lose your (ideological) shirt in this exercise.
Causal physics will throw you off the track and the issue of consciousness might well defeat you, evidently the ‘hard problem’. Maybe meditate, and if you are still there after that, continue…

Kant in many ways proposed the ultimate world history quiz, a challenge that has strangely been ignored by kant scholars, historians, and everyone else. They are all brainwashed by darwinism and can’t respond to anything like a critique of that.
The eonic effect shows a first result, easily arrived at and yet somehow beyond full explication.
I would recommend leftists to quietly move beyond historical materialism and move on to something more robust. Economics isn’t driving world history, but maybe smothering it. History can process ‘values’, an instant exit point from scientism.
The question invoked here is fluid: increasing research is changing our data for history and slowly but surely its dynamism is becoming evident. Unfortunately historians will do everything they can to enforce darwinism and deny the existence of anything but random history. If historians tend to flunk history quizzes, is there hope for the rest of us?
Take the eonic effect as a conjecture: world history operates in a frequency dynamic of the most plain vanilla type, and this has an evolutionary interpretation. Or, forget theories and construct a chronology of the past five thousand years and work with that.
Kant’s challenge is somehow better than hegel’s or marx’s attempts to enforce dogmatic answers. But hegel sensed a dynamic of ‘freedom’ and he was onto something. How do you juggle causality, freedom, consciousness, evolution/history, etc…
I fear that both hegel and marx flunked the kant quiz.

Human intelligence is increasing all the time, and its tests, as here with mere historical study, are history itself.

Source: Kant’s Challenge Resolved: Nature’s Secret Plan: Kant on History and The Enigma of Teleology eBook – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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