The socialist mantra and the infinity of possibilities

The minute we proceed from the abstractions of socialism/communism to any actual realization of them in practice a moment of danger arises because we confront a void of undefined structures and an infinity of choices on how to proceed. Unless we can construct a sequence of operations to be staged at a moment of perhaps revolutionary transformation the result will deviate into an unforeseen outcome, an effect all too visible in the bolshevik era.

What does the term socialism mean? We can’t easily say, and in addition the semantics has suffered the confusions of opposites in the reformism/revolution debate. It seems neither pole can really find the sense of the term as the opportunity given by the clear failures of capitalism grants the opportunity for realization, if any party can avail of it.

Source:  DMNC and populism – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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