That orphan, the term ‘socialism’

We have many times pointed to the limits of the sanders version of socialism: as noted here the key issue finally is the expropriation of capital and the creation of an equalized general ownership we have called the Commons (which is different from state ownership, more or less). This article

rightly puts the issue in perspective as the cooptation of the term socialism proceeds apace. In fact, up to a point, this semantic confusion has helped to spread the idea, but the reckoning in the end must be of the real intent and significance of the orphaned term ‘socialism’…

Because the corporate media has slashed the definition of the working class, the term “socialist” has been rendered almost meaningless. These media giants typically label Bernie Sanders a socialist. Even genuinely socialist organizations such as the Democratic Socialists of America embrace Bernie Sanders as one of their own and refer to him as a socialist. But Bernie Sanders emphatically repudiates social ownership of the means of production.

Source: Class Struggle is Still the Issue –

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