Marx suffered writer’s block, couldn’t finish Capital, and what he did do confuses marxists completely…

None of these biographers can figure out marx at all, and his life remains a riddle embalmed in the rote repetition of blind praises.

Marx/engels up to 1848 were a brilliant moment and they launched a new idea of socialism/communism, but over time something odd happened to marx: he spent years tormenting engels with his incomplete masterwork which he never completed. The more adept if facile engels would have had it done in a few years, but marx entered a strange neurotic writer’s block and ended up with a confused and incomplete set of books that are not clear, contain fallacious theories and in the process creating the need for a vanguard to explicate the texts, which are hardly worth the effort. Marx must have sensed he couldn’t get his material right and lost the far better era of the great manifesto (which had a lot more engels than can be admitted in public). We need new short works, a sense of the fallacies of marxism and a goodbye to that cement block doorstopper, Capital, a total failure that is now a sacred text.

Source: Book Review Karl Marx and the Birth of Modern Society by Michael Heinrich | Morning Star

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