Will American Exceptionalism Rise Again?  The US can lead the way to postcapitalism…

The idea of exceptionalism passes through history in cycles: to see the idea in an example that will breed ‘disillusion with idealism’ one should look at the romans who were filled with such notions even as their legacy degenerated.
The american version we should note was born very early in a religious mode and died (finally, it has dies many times) in the ultra-cynicism of the 9/11 criminal abuse of the whole idea with its false-flag deception that has fooled even the left, even counterpunch…

Looking at Vietnam we can see the direct demonstration of the failure of liberal systems set up by corrupt politics and capitalist domination. And that war points to the obvious way to bring ‘american exceptionalism’ back from the grave: if the US can move to a stage of postcapitalism, and do it right, it can create a new international instead of an empire and make itself great again, or for the first time. The political nutjobs, hasbeens, and first prizers in american mediocrity could never grasp their opportunity as they make american disappear from history in the gross confusions of the mafias who have long since come to dominate and ‘exceptional’ potential history, the american second coming of romanism upgraded capitalism/liberalism.

Can the “Green New Military” Put The Mask Back On? The recycled imperial justifications of the past are losing their power: Manifest Destiny, White Mans’ Burden, leader of the free world, nation-building, humanitarian war, war against terrorism, responsibility to protect — what’s next? If only the military could be seen as saviors once again.A last-ditch effort to postpone the collapse of the liberal versions of war stories might just be the “Green New Military.” Elizabeth Warren’s policy claims, “Our military can help lead the fight in combating climate change.” It’s a wild claim that contradicts all evidence unless she is also calling for an end to regime-change wars, the New Cold War and the scaling down of our foreign bases.

Source: The Empire Is Running Out of War Stories. Or is it? Will American Exceptionalism Rise Again? – CounterPunch.org

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