What happened to left brexit…?

The question of brexit ceases to make any sense: the two sides have been scrambled by the play of politics and now simply turn in circles: the hard brexit, now claimed by boris johnson might have been a good option applied by labour, jacobin mag itself has printed articles on this (from monthly review originally). From the left, one senses, go for brexit and be done with it: an opportunity for the left thrown away…

It would seem that the EU is doomed in the end as a more complex globalization emerges to create different combinations of unification. If so the brexit option for britain should have been a step toward an new kind of international. In a way, it seems as if the failure of left brexit has thrown its inevitability to the right. The left should wake up and consider a new radicalism beyond brexit realized…(opinions on this subject can be dead wrong, and here the issue is almost indecipherable…)

Jeremy Corbyn faces increasing calls to turn Labour into the “party of Remain.” But thwarting Brexit would embolden the EU and its neoliberal dogmas — with disastrous consequences for the Left across Europe.

This is an abridged version of a longer article due to appear in the October issue of Monthly Review. The Monthly Review will conduct a debate on the EU and Brexit based on The Left Case on the EU by Costas Lapavitsas, Polity Press, 2018.


Source: Love Remain, Hate Jeremy Corbyn

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