Anthropocene, capitalocene?

The gist of this perspective here is cogent with respect to our discussions of the ‘red forty-eight group’, a critical post-marxist neo-marxist leftism that looks to the year 1848 beyond marx/engels as a superset of multiple lefts. That done, we tend to pilfer from marx and repackage a number of items under new gurgitations (not regurgitations), and new labels. Ditto for leninism.

This approach then often ends of preaching marxism to ‘stuff’ that needs a larger context, as here. But terms like ‘ecological leninism’ end up immediately in trouble even as the basic point being made is somehow crucial: ecological socialism and classic marxism need our double upgrade: postmarxist and yet marxist and ecological. It seems tricky but it isn’t although the new mode is likely to suffer difficulties. The working classes in place aren’t likely to endure an ecological limits on their pay raises which are likely to be mediated by a new ‘left’ bourgeoisie of green pseudo-leftists, etc…

The resolution is something like our DMNC, itself as yet insufficiently ecological, which looks at a total resolution of politics, ecology, markets/planning, expropriation in a Commons: the whole/holistic problem taken all at once.

Andreas Malm interviewed about Marxist approaches to the climate movement.

Source: Verso

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