Stages of production theory is confusing leftists: starting over with simple outlines…

The model of the eonic effect, taken simply as an empirical chronology of world history, provides a kind of doubloon effect: you can take it simply as a simple outline of world history, or you can take as hypothesis a series of interpretations of that set of patterns.
The left needs to abandon historical materialism as soon as possible: not socialist or communism group that bases itself on the ideology of world history so given is going to succeed. The theories of marx here were critiqued long ago and naive or ill-informed marxists who proceed blindly to regurgitate the now archaic canon do a disservice to the real needs of groups seeking a route to postcapitalism.
The eonic effect (the name is a problem for some) is merely an outline of world history periodized in a typical way, and can be taken without the model as data: thence the left can restate its observations about economic issues (without theories) using empirical outlines. The larger hypothesis can slowly but surely turn into a new view of culture, evolution, and civilization

The ‘eonic effect’ is one of the most exciting discoveries in the study of world history and evolutionary science, but unfortunately its study has made little headway in the public doma…

Source: What is the ‘eonic effect’ and why does noone understand what is being talked about? – Darwiniana

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