Imaginary working class fantasies, daydreaming marxists…

The question of the working class has been confused by marxist theory and its place in the dynamics of socialist transformation has never been clarified. The idea is central to the left, and should be, but it needs to be put in perspective and seen realistically as one part of a larger analysis of all classes and their path to socialism. Marxist thinking generates immense resistance because it implies the elimination of all classes except the working class, absurd, but seemingly implied. The maoists and bolsheviks simply murdered immense numbers who didn’t fit in their rubrics and the result has totally discredited the basic ideology. The point should be obvious but still hasn’t sunk in with the marxist true believers.

Naive marxists who are often deprived of the facts continue their pious praises of the era of bolshevism forgetful of any kind of realistic picture. It is surely unfair to blame marx for this but tragedies are about unwitting flaws in things.

We have recommended making the working class focus a component in a larger stance toward what we called the ‘universal class’ and a statement about how socialists will deal with the complex structure of classes and their motion toward a new universal class. The issue is to create socialism (communism) with a new social type of class in that context.

Source: the working class…the universal class…did marx miscalculate the deadbeat ‘working class’?…//How Class Should Be Central – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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