DMNC: a bridge between liberal/communist systems built in, in advance???

The rebellion in hong kong is hardly discussed on the left because of the cognitive dissidence it creates with a seemingly ‘reactionary’ democracy movement taking on a seemingly ‘communist’ juggernaut that still to this day has its stalinist elements. The issue is complex and requires careful study but in general we cannot support the pseudo-socialism/communism of the chinese revolution, and can predict the outcome of the so-called democracy movement in creating a neo-liberal outcome of some kind.

We should ‘cut to the chase’ of a long discussion to point to the way the marxist-type legacies are always doomed to failure and end in ‘counterrevolution’, hardly a fair description of the protest movement but probably correct in the end.

Our version here has always pointed to the false oppositions created by marxist theory and the way something like our DMNC can create an intrinsic bridge between liberal and communist systems…

Source: Hong Kongers Need to Prepare for a Long Fight. A Very Long One. –

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