American endgame

R48G: American civilization has turned into a monumental failure with Trump as the last fag end of a corrupted legacy
December 12th, 2016 ·
We have so long fetishized American history and politics that we have failed to see that the US
was never great: but it could become great for the first time.

We suffer the illusion of American
‘democracy’ and the braggadoccio of great American wealth, but the reality is that democracy was never really achieved and the domination of capital soon ended what little ‘people power’ there may have been. And the industrial passage to great wealth has produced an exceptionally stupid and blind consumerist culture that is now hoist on its own petard: a climate disaster case rendered still more incomprehensible in the ascension of the likes of Trump. But in a way Trump has sent a signal, and a warning that things as they are have gone systematically from bad to worse. America could become great for the first time by leading the planet beyond its infantile fixation on capitalist utopia. Capitalism was too easy. As Trump shows, capitalists are basically stupid and have become the problem. Any mentality that can’t face the reality of climate change is so delusive we are called on to stage intervention. What other choice do we have? To walk into extinction watching Netflix? There’s the

problem: the American consumer junkie is too far gone to revolt. But the US, never great, could face reality and use its power to save the world from its now frightening endgame.

We have a simple choice: create a real democracy or watch the system as is pass into decadence and then oblivion. We are seeing the latter already. Almost as incomprehensible is the failure of the left to produce any real challenge and its failure to diagnose the state of the system.

The blindness to the facts of 9/11 is one of the puzzles here: we need a full review on the left of the 9/11 conspiracy along with a history of the way it became taboo for discussion by leftists.

Failure to do this lets a criminal system off the hook. It is not true that we have no evidence and must dismiss all this as ‘conspiracy theory’. We cannot fail to expose and indict the criminal mafia at work in a deep state.

In a strange way, the coming of Trump has nearly legitimated the need to refuse allegiance as the grounds for revolution emerge to the foreground. We cannot conceive of this, and yet we think about/talk about it all the time, witness Sanders’ talk of ‘Our revolution’. But no one can produce the right combination which will inevitably have to spring from a post-marxist corpus. But that fact is itself confusing because that corpus cannot serve as is. We need a new comprehensive set of ideas and principles that realize the prophecies of the early socialists.

I, for one, think the only candidate is one that proceeds to a postcapitalist state. Capitalism, as is, is going to destroy human civilization. We got a warning about this more or less at the start of the whole shebang, with warnings of such as Marx/Engels and many others. Communism was the first born, or step child of capitalism, and the early prophets of the ‘once and future revolution’ performed their task well: we constantly fuss over what is to be done but we already have a road map. That map may
not serve directly anymore but its gist is clear.

The Civil War to end slavery was entered into serendipitously, and so the same effect may be at work now. We should tremble at the prospect in the memory of the sacrifices of the Union dead. We face a future whose omen is the degeneration given its new system in Trump. We aren’t going to forestall this with sentimental leftism. Netflix goes bland and you wake up to face the enemy.

The first step is sufficient clarity to be able to propose a solution, and then to move incrementally to whatever degree we can to realize the impossible as the possible. The term ‘revolution’ moves along that imaginary line between the impossible and the possible. All we know is that the first steps to modern revolution required revolution.

The coming of Trump is a terminal symptom and we have been handed the opportunity to face
reality: the current system is caput…

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