The ambiguity of non-violence and the reciprocal dangers of violent or nonviolent rebellion

We have been discussing/critiquing non-violence but that is not the same as advocating violence, only that historical amnesia has made us forget that all the democratic revolutions of the early modern were violent. The interpolation of non-violence is very incorrect. That said, non-violence is often a good tactic, and that might be the case here.
Keep in mind non-violent methods are intrinsically violent. If they are just for show, they risk the coming deaths of millions. A violent rebellion if it could succeed is potentially a moral response, etc…
Even a suggestion of violence can induce violent retaliation from the powers that be who are moving to delegitimize even non-violent protests, what to say of the force that would be unleashed on violent protest.
So the left can criticize non-violent action, but they do not at present have any substitute. The power of the state is now so overwhelming that it is debatable on its own terms if violent rebellion can succeed. But looking at the Extinction Rebellion, now after almost a year. Have they accomplished anything? The capitalists plan to laugh in their face. Patsies.

Nearly a year after Extinction Rebellion launched in London, the global movement that uses nonviolent civil disobedience to demand ambitious climate action kicked off two weeks of protests on Monday with demonstrations around the world that blocked major roadways and led to arrests.

Source: ‘Get On the Streets. And Bring Everybody’: Extinction Rebellion Kicks Off Two Weeks of Global Action | Common Dreams News

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