Improbable socialism, barbarism probable: we must act as free agents, and soon

The eonic effect is a useful way to force close observation of history and at the same time a caution against historical theories: the question of a causal dynamic has consistently failed in the way it is applied and the evolutionary interpretation (if the word can be salvaged from darwinism) comes to the fore in an unexpected way.

A simplified version of the eonic effect might help those confused by marxism’s economic obsession to see a larger side of the historical and to consider the urgency of bringing free agents to the game, instead of postulated historical forces…The socialist future can slip away as minds conditioned by marxism assume the inevitable victory of their cause: far more probable is barbarism…

Source: The complete failure of historical theories (including Marx’s), and a glance at the eonic effect data set…  – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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