Stalemate built into the left’s (marxist, etc…) frozen framework

We have noted many times the failure of the left to produce any kind of economic program. The slogans of socialism aren’t enough.

Our conjecture made into a model is that a hybrid of reformist and ‘revolutionary’ strategies next to a better understanding of markets can help to evade the strong collision of opposites we see in the centrist/left (and/or left of left) opposition.
Our DMNC model is an attempt to eliminate those opposites even as it honors them in a system we often describe as liberalism remorphed as communism and communism remorphed as liberalism.
The older left speaks of destroying the bourgeois state but reconstruction from there has always been a treacherous task: we have suggested a more complex hybrid that slowly but surely will eliminate the archaic bourgeois state.

The Pink Tide governments failed because they couldn’t transform the region’s economy. But the resurgent right doesn’t have a solution to the economic crisis either — and the impasse is deepening the basis for violent, reactionary politics.

Source: Latin America’s Bitter Stalemate

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