The complexity of world religion is a challenge to secular humanism…

The complexity of world religion is a challenge to secular humanism which has rendered itself tone deaf to the views of peoples far outnumbering the small cult of leftists…

R48G: stealth neo-Feuerbachian theological sleight of hand? //Advaita Vedanta: Concept of God
February 3rd, 2017 ·

The place of ‘god’ in Advaita (and its related versions in sufism, thence cryptically in Islam) shows the way in which conventional atheism in the west is often too narrow. At one and the same time it is possible to argue that ‘god’ the term should be taken out of Advaita as constituting a confusion of its
‘atheist’ clarity.
The dilemma shows the arbitrary dogmatism of the new atheists: the terminology of God is so confused
that strictly speaking ‘atheism’ is almost as incoherent as religion…
But the ‘gnostic’ views of god were resisted by xtians, and we have also discussed the reason why: the
mysterious embedding of Samkhya in xtianity explains its consistent sense of the cosmic nature of god.
All these confusions could be reduced to forms of study, enquiry and search rather than the dogmatic imposition of belief.
And, ironically, the Samkhya brand has a comic resemblance to ‘dialectical materialism’, making the
realm of marxist atheism ironically suitable for a post-theological xtianity.
What is needed is a vehicle to create a communion of different beliefs in an activist movement on the
Source: Advaita Vedanta: Concept of God

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