Bernie Sanders Is in Trouble

Sanders is a victim of his own success: his message of socialism was really a sort of new New Deal and then ended up as target practice for conservatives while cagey democratic rivals nibbled away at his faux socialism and repackaged it as centrism with leftist goodies a al carte. We criticized Sanders sternly here in 2016 and we can see his karma play out. He is left holding a bag called ‘socialism’ while the kiddie ride of the other candidates goes bye! whoopee! with all the candy from that bag. We should resurrect our harangues against Sanders from yore but who would bother now, the chameleon is caught in historical rip tide. He should go down fighting, admit to be a ‘real’ socialist and leave the field with a ‘fire and brimstone’ stump speech about the fate of capitalism. The powers that be have outplayed him.

We criticized Sanders, but we also gave him concealed support, and now perhaps we should suggest that if his opportunity has passed he should  go down fighting with a real socialist message: shock the right, shock the dems, shock with a core socialist message, viz. climate catastrophe can go ‘green new deal’ but it must expropriate the capitalist system, it must do the whole socialist number, and do it right, and in the phase of this martyrdom of bernie and the berniacs show the world just what seeds he so deftly planted ‘back then’: the notes for ‘Our Revolution’ have come due in any case, and that Green New Deal, given revolutionary socialist oompah just might see real socialism in, well, Iowa…Expropriate the expropriators, refunds all around on primitive accumulation…

Up close and personal with a candidate in decline — and seemingly stuck in his ways.

Source: Bernie Sanders Is in Trouble – POLITICO Magazine

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