Once socialism was on the defensive, now it’s capitalism

For long the left was on the defensive confronting the successes of capitalism, so-called. But whatever the flaws of socialism, the diagnosis of capitalism seems like that of a deadly disease at this point. Further the ideological capture of extreme beliefs such as the inability to grasp the problem of climate change shows the obvious: capitalism is not self-correcting at all and will simply proceed to oblivion.
The failure of capitalism and the return of socialist failsafes
January 23rd, 2016 ·
Much of the debate over socialism/communism was on the defensive after the fall of bolshevism, but the debate has changed once again. It is no longer credible to say that socialism has failed and there is no alternative to capitalism. Capitalism has itself failed, and more disastrously than socialism, and in a way, that is even more disastrous in its totalitarian grip on global society, one that

makes its ‘runaway freight train’ effect very difficult to stop. We see now that we should always have
had a growing parallel movement of socialist/communist action as a reserve social construct.

The list of failures is long…here are a few points:

Socialism was said to fail over planning. But capitalism both plans its own profit expansions at the expense of the whole and yet fails to plan its relationship to society, and throws society out of balance

Capitalism has produced extensive development, but has failed to really develop huge sectors of global civilization
And it is beginning to de-develop that which it developed, e.g. the American middle class capitalism cannot produce full employment and leaves millions as derelicts in a mode of the
Capitalism has perverted governments and destroyed their ability to function

Capitalism has perverted biology, coopted its development of evolutionary theory for social darwinist legitimation of the exclusion of the artificially created ‘losers’ method

Capitalism has therefore corrupted science and created an ideological exploitation out of its

Capitalism has created pseudo-sciences of economics using a mythology of calculus, in the process creating an implicit worldview of economic determinism
this method has produced pernicious mystifications that has confused its smartest students who cannot debrief it
…there’s more…the classic issues of class, etc…
Capitalism has promoted the corruption of society ended by calling this success, the way things

Capitalism is very dangerous and is probably fatal…

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