Marx/Engels after 1848 changed their views…

Marx/Engels after 1848 changed their views but their initial response and participation in the revolutions of that year shows their views were once close to ours: we cannot wait for capitalism to play itself out: a socialist response is needed as soon as possible.
But we have lost almost two centuries during which the unbalanced capitalist process has consolidated an immense false power. We seemed doomed to wait for it to self-destruct, but that seems to be in fact the case now as the response or non-response to climate calamity shows it up for what it really is…
Red Forty-eight Group: ‘Our Revolution’, democratic market neo-communism, and the rapid appearance of totalitarian capitalism
September 30th, 2016 · It is time to consolidate our framework discussed under the key words Red Forty-eight Group (which refers to the birth of postcapitalist revolutionary movements in the wake of the 1848 revolutions. Our project, Toward a New Communist Manifesto, was a start, but the task is enormous.

The general point is that we are at risk of being completely out played by the forces of capitalist civilization. Their power is immense and growing. But they have shown their weak spot: the legacy of capitalist rationalization has foundered in a remarkable display of stupidity: the rationality turned out to be an ideological hypnosis so severe the perpetrators can’t figure out that climate change is even a problem. The automated dynamic of free markets has by its own logic undermined the sanity of conventional economic thinking. Our response to that must be more than new-dealist progressivism, although we should applaud and support the spectrum of such efforts. We must confront the logic of those still in the era of the French Revolution whose inner logic foretold the larger revolution to come that would deal with class, capitalism, and globalization. We must study the Russian instance but we can both study and set aside that episode: we are now in the full autumn of capitalism, where Russia was in its early spring, and we can proceed with a greater efficacy to challenge the capitalist monstrosity. It won’t be easy, but the system, especially but not exclusively given the climate crisis, will amplify our efforts if they are rightly directed to a true revolutionary change. That can come via an evolutionary
path, but we must change the whole dynamics with a new economic system, a new politics, a new constitutional democratic communism, and a new world view or set of such that can realize the post religious legacies of the Axial Age: the simplest candidate is modernity itself, with the classic secular humanism of the age of Feuerbach being shown to be too limited for the task, although its basic thrust is more than open to a suitable upgrade.

The climate crisis is proving to be so severe that global civilization is going to destabilize. The left needs to be ready. Marxism is a starting point, but in some ways a liability. The key moment of transformation will come suddenly and the left needs to be ready.

…we are rapidly being imprisoned in a complex totalitarian system from which there will be no escape

September 21st, 2016 ·

We have been critical of the ‘usual left’ because it has been neutralized by its own history, by the ‘end of history’ propaganda, and by the rapidly escalating forms of domination emerging from the American system.

We linked to a Telesur essay on the CIA in Latin America, a reminder that even liberal mainstreamers like Clinton and Sanders (? socialist) would be forced to support the whole legacy of repression.

We have spoken of market neo-communism, but this must be accompanied by an overall line of attack on complex periphery issues:

we must adopt a revolutionary stance that can seize control of the ‘deep state’, the CIA and its
‘peripheries unnamed’, recreate democratic government with a new constitution that is a basic communist compact, one that expropriates private property as the level of capital, and from there able to establish an international perspective, an anti-imperialist perspective, a public reckoning of the
crimes of state beginning with the 9/11 false flag op, and an initiative toward nuclear disarmament. Last
but not least, the issue of climate change…
It is not use saying this is unrealistic or impossible: we are rapidly being imprisoned in a complex totalitarian system from which there will be no escape. We need to see the desperation of the situation and make the sacrifice needed to initiate a real revolution.

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