Dissent over darwinism is entering mainstream…so long to marxism’s darwin dogma, natural selection and class struggle, etc…

The challenge to darwinism has been there all along buried by the establishment writers and academics. The question is confused by the issue of intelligent design, but its proponents have at least produced a lot of criticism of darwinism that is sometimes useful.

Design is more than real while the term ‘intelligent’ has been creationism’s last stand, carefully scientized by theistic stealth operators…

The left has been totally misguided here and confusion and misuse of darwinism is grounds for demanding a new left: class warfare and natural selection is a notable delusion with its dark history, suppressed.

A new left distilled from decrepit marxism upgraded with a new insight into class, capitalism, democracy, and much else, needs to try to do what the discotute does, but better.

Source: From The Atlantic on Teaching Human Evolution, a Bit of Rare Honesty in Reporting | Evolution News

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