Virtual revolution…better do your homework even if you aren’t a revolutionary…your efforts are seeding one you won’t control since you skipped it…

We have a lot of discussions of virtual revolution, including those that say the idea’s time has past: we need something more than gedandken experiments at this point. But noone has produced anything concrete. So just as you get practical you realize you haven’t a clue and the stock of the castles in the air idea of ‘virtual revolution’ rises again: revolutions fail because revolutions have no ideas of what to do. In fact, as noted below, virtual revolution: i.e. thinking out loud how one might transform society, is the hidden trigger of revolutions in practice. And if the program given is sound people will begin to release their instinctive and sensible cautious suspicion.

We have two manifestos which point to something the (marxist) left can’t manage: what to do if you do have a revolution. So it is pointless to harangue reformists in this situation.
The use of the term ‘jacobin’ is significant (the magazine by that name may be an exception): the mystique of the jacobins confuses leftists: the jacobins show how the French Revolution drifted into failure. The later left understood that but still the mystique of the jacobins endures (the context here is important, of course). Instead, leave the past behind and think what needs to be done at the point when a system starts to collapse. Immediately the wrong people end up in charge. That could be obviated with detailed plans of action, the equivalent of revolutionary marshals and observers to challenge the violent psychopaths at their golden opportunity, a detailed sequence plan: strong authority during the passage, creation of democracy in the outcome, but with the authority problem solved…

These two manifestos discuss a blueprint that needs completion : democratic market neo-communism. It needs to be extended to include an ecological socialism: that would be easy to do in the abstract, but it has to actually get done.
Sadly at this point in a vacuum people turn to marxist materials unaware of their flaws. We should be way beyond that problem. Marx explicitly refused to get specific, so ironically he freed us from marxist boilerplate. Think in original terms about social dynamics and the extreme complexity of social systems, and the dangers of trying to alter them…
Sadly revolutions end up in the wrong hands. All the real socialists must have been liquidated in the bolshevik era. That’s why prior specification and testing are essential: if the outcome deviates then at least one is aware of it, and hopefully can correct it…

Etc…Keep in mind that noone has really done much preparation for revolutionary situation. That’s incredible but has to be faced.
Anyway the activist radicals who are active now are a thriving resource: they are seeing the revolutionary moment whatever they think…

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