Socialism: the danger of mechanized culture

The left is stuck in a very narrow world view that can’t even do justice to modernity. But  its marxist entanglement with hegel suggests a broader view, but that angle has failed to be helpful.

The legacy of monotheism is passing away, but the question remains, what was all that, speaking historically? there is an ironic continuation to those traditions: attempting to understand their history…In any case the coming of socialism needs careful thought as to a public spectrum of belief, and ideology. The resolution of nineteenth century marxist scientism isn’t enough….

Samkhya for commies, and throw in triadic dialectic and the doctrine of the Trinity,…crazy, right? in the words of Patton, nuts…

We have often indulged various new age discussions with respect to evolution, consciousness, and the enigma of the will, often via the work of J.G. Bennett, who was a british follower of gurdjieff and ouspensky, who wrote a classic text, The Dramatic Universe, a flawed but seminal work whose basic slant could be easily appropriated by a secular perspective (Bennett has a closet awareness of communism/1848 stuff), what to say of a leftist one,

with the justification that since gurdjieff stole idea from the sufis, who stole it from the christians, who stole it from the indic samkhya yogis, who had gotten it from somewhere else since their version no longer makes any sense, we may as well barge in and pick up the subject and throw it into the future. It beggars seeming sound judgment to say so, but that preposterous concoction based on the arcana of the Christian Trinity was once a coherent subject before it became a dogma of the church. That is because it is recognizably a version of Samkhya garbled by being most outrageously taken from its atheist source and pressed into service as scaffolding for monotheism, a nauseating outrage that fully justifies our own complot to make off with the whole subject, correcting the mistakes of Bennett, perhaps.

Since the left stole the dialectic from hegel (and botched the effort) they can be sentenced to public service, reviewing the history of dialectic in the context of samkya and its triads, and conceivably creating a once and future version put finally in the public domain, which was its starting point. The various dark side sufis who think this is their material notwithstanding the legacy of human spirituality is more ancient than we think and was always public domain anyway.
If you think this is bananas, you could be right, but find a book on christian trinitarianism, read it and then consider the ancient samkya in its full version of seven levels of triadic manifestation and you will see the thieves in action and the urgency of a probably hopeless question: samkhya for commies, at last…

Source: Life, evolution and the clue of consciousness – Darwiniana

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