The collapse of Judeo-Christianity

The collapse of Judeo-Christianity: Judeo-Zinionism a pernicious terminal end phase of the Judaic tradition
April 17th, 2017

Judaism/Zionism has become a pernicious and almost cancerated version of itself and its outcome in Israel is a monstrosity rendered worse by the support (and exploitation) of (conservative) Christians giving license to the myth of a Jewish state disposed to inequality jewish and gentiles. The tragic flaw of Judaism has come to the fore to create a fake religious frankenstein that has corrupted the American state with a cabal of hidden control.

This outcome, and the critique applies as well to Christians, deserves the fate that will come in
the end: abandonment of a false religion that has corrupted the foundation of religion with an Old
Testament that is mythological, if not outright mendacious and propagandistic.
Equally the Christian legacy is collapsing as the perception becomes obvious that Christianity is equally a form of mythological propaganda and in many ways no religion at all but a cattle car exploiting the pious.

We can and should call for a humanism beyond Christianity (which is neither atheist nor theist) and for the assimilation of jews, more or less, into a post-Judaism that is not a menace to the cultures in which it is embedded, including those in the middle.
And the true criminality of the Israeli state is barely understand in the Christian world with its concealed covert actions, including 9/11.

Enough’s enough.

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