R48G: new movements? sliding into revolutionary transition?

In fact the left is beginning to take off with many new movements and a focus on climate activism: but in the US the larger picture is the way the whole framework of US politics is sliding toward a revolutionary outcome/transition and there is a need to think carefully about the meaning of that….

R48G: Our Revolution: confronting the American fascist monstrosity in the climate emergency
September 25th, 2016 ·

The idea of a new political party is nice, cute, but one more just now is superfluous while what is needed is a movement of movements to move as much as possible into the climate emergency situation. But I think that the idea of a virtual neo-communist movement should proceed on the sidelines, ready to move to the forefront, but short of that a constant expose of both established and pseudo-activist movements. The public, once they grasp the situation, will begin to converge away from the current false consensus. Consider 350.org: what else do we have. It is doing a lot a good. But we need to continue from the sidelines to remind such groups they will fail and be ready when the real rage/despair readies a new generation to revolt.

We confront a criminal mafia running the US, predating across a whole planet. There nexus is controlled by a deep state, democracy is an illusion, imperialism is wreaking havoc, the war on terror is a false flag construct, the political system has been essentially taken over by the right, the list is
grotesque. We must proceed beside emergency actions NOW to deal with emergency to see how their
at best partial success demands a larger comprehensive revolutionary solution.

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