How the Many-Worlds theory turns reality in to a spectacle of infinite pain and torture in infinite worlds…stop pulling my leg….

There is no consensus on ‘many worlds’ theory whatsover and the whole gambit is a dubious field of transitional ‘nonsense’, or so we suspect…It is worth checking out a spectrum of literature here, and Lee Smolin’s Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution is a good place to start…

I rarely use philosophy to critique physics, but here the implications of MW theories are so grotesque as to be open to serious challenge: the MW theory implies that in infinite worlds the variants of torture are all in existence in parallel. A spectacle of horror and evil that is more than even the christian hellmongers could conceive.
That the MW theory is dubious even in the eyes of many physicists is clear from the record.
The truth is that physics in in a funk and can offer no final view of ‘reality’….

Hugh Everett blew up quantum mechanics with his Many-Worlds theory in the 1950s. Physics is only just catching up

Source: How the Many-Worlds theory of Hugh Everett split the Universe | Aeon Essays

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