Chomsky suspicious, given his 9/11 mendacity

We were a bit hard on alpert, but we will have considered his material twice before breakfast: our problem here is with the chomsky world which is suspiciously closed and worse, totally fascist on the issue of 9/11: chomsky’s denial of the 9/11 conspiracy for the official account, this from a celebrated investigative journalist, puts his whole stance under an alert: the only explanation (and this has gone on since the kennedy assassination era also) is that chomsky has some hidden agenda: i suspect it has something to do with israel. Many realized long ago that israel has an angle in the jfk assassination, and that their connection to 9/11 was direct, and thence criminal…

Whatever the case, chomsky is a highly dogmatic authoritarian whatever his fine words, and his stance, along with many others, on 9/11 has crippled the left…

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