DMNC taken critically, but still able to work day one…

Our DMNC may well have its own flaws (we used it, again today, scroll down, to critique standard left vacuum models): but the point is that marxists and leftists (viz. alpert and the chomskians) have no real plan for a socialist future: the idea is that if enough people who call themselves socialists, take over with a revolution, then their magic mantra will solve all the problems of socialist construction. Ain’t so, and history bears that our. In EVERY case that marxist/leninists have come to power in a rare opportunity they have proved unable to proceed. One looks in disbelief on the way the bolsheviks, with lenin, simply floated away in a fantasy of communism, in the process creating pernicious social structures.

Our DMNC is really a kind of model with movable components: democracy (but you must balance this with strong authority), economy (markets AND planning), a Commons (expropriation, but not state capitalism), a presidential system and a parliamentary system, a built in ecological socialism with ecological courts, and legal issues in relation to ecology. In addition the model considers a third sector of autonomous semi-anarchic low level social constructs that have a high degree of spontaneity, etc…: the overall result should be able to work but would need to be studied for its outcomes. The point is to create the net effect of a liberal system that is neo-communist, not as hard as it looks. The issues of economics are really about gettting an economy that actually works: capitalism looked effective but it is turning into a calamity, so scratch that off the list. The point here is to be wary of marxist wool gatherers who think that chanting socialist slogans is the answer. They are dangerous and will fritter away any and all opportunities…

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