The left and the stalled socialism of venezuela…

The stance of the US against Venezuela is bad enough, but is the left really able to clarify its stance here? The question of Venezuelan socialism should have been settled decades ago, but instead the issue equivocates, on the left also…Again we see that the lack of a definition of what is needed causes the whole situation to stall…

Perhaps an even more blatant instance of concealing the truth is the continuing crisis in Venezuela.

The US and some of its allies are trying to convey the impression that if the oil-rich state is grappling with serious economic challenges it is due entirely to an oppressive leadership pursuing socialist policies. The truth is that unending schemes and ploys by the US since the presidency of Hugo Chavez which even witnessed a failed coup against him in April 2002 are the main cause of Venezuela’s woes.If the truth about what is happening in relation to Venezuela, Iran, Kashmir and Hong Kong is not widely known it is largely because the media, old and new, serve the interests of the powerful.

Source: Concealing the Truth –

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