Socialism: the danger of undefined abstractions

History suggests that it is not enough to speak of ‘socialism’ (or communism): the whole question is really a constellation of related concepts that must work together:
we have suggested a tetrad: democracy, markets, planning, expropriation (a Commons), and that’s a bare minimum, one that doesn’t reference, which it must, the issue of ecological socialism. But the four terms, which double as we pair with their opposites, democracy/authority, markets/planning, property/commons, suggests at once why given the golden moment of attempting to construct socialism, the effort derails…

Our model of a postcapitalist set of political/economic systems is designed first to address the void of classic marxist discussions of socialism/communism in a void. It is not enough any more to c…

Source: It is not enough to call yourself a ‘socialist’… – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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