Passing of judeo-xtianity: be wary of what you wish for…

The accelerating collapse of judeo-xtianity confronts bewildered adherents with a murky future. The energy of the early modern that points to a new cultural future has been soaked up by a (capitalist) culture that is ‘religiously incompetent’ and ‘religiously delusive’.

Secular humanists need to be alert to something more than such anemic products as the new atheism, and the usual round of religion bashing.
The future of postreligion is in fact an ominous passage: one can suggest looking at the grotesque decline of culture and public psychology in the wake of the Axial Age: the era of the roman domination of politics was accompanied by a deteriortion of social psychology in the occident: witness the era of the roman games.
What future awaits the secularist in the inexorable passing of xtianity, such as it was as a moral guide (if it ever was that)?

Time for Xtians to ditch Xtianity?
July 31st, 2015
I think that critiquing judaism is one thing, but Xtianity is showing signs of its own internal decay and chaotification. And I think the Properity Gospels will be one of the final nails in the coffin. But the issue of Israel is going to sink judaism and take Xtianity down with it.

I think that the new atheism has totally confused the issue. The issue is not ‘god’ which is an insoluble question, but the ‘metal fatigue’ effect that has made Xtianity almost unusable by an increasing number of people.

It is time to sweep the new atheist gambit to one side and focus on a robust secular/religious culture of the future. And here science has not been helpful. Darwinism is the foundation of the new atheism and this pseudo-scientific ideology has created a false modernity of scientism, with help from many other quarters.
The situation created by Israel and the destruction of the American political system has not exactly proceeded without Xtian help. This calamity is grounds for sweeping Xtianity aside as a newly malevolent religious cancer.
The sad thing about Xtianity is that noone understands it. It is a magical obscurity that speaks in riddles and, …lies, and there is no real way to really know what this religion is about. We cannot even register the facts on the ground of its (early) history. We are always running in circles with false information.
I suspect that spiritual powers of a high order that do understand it have simply ditched this religion, and dumped their jewish eugenic experiment into the bourgeois sphere and flushed the toilet. Jewish fertilizer. Hey, don’t knock it. If a nazi catches up with you, just say, leave me alone, I am ViP human fertilizer.

Running modern politics from the Old Testament is grotesque at this point. And so on. We have made out point.
But to exit from Xtianity is not so simple, turning everyone into an atheist misses the point. We need a more Kantian perspective on theology and for many a clear path beyond theism. But we can’t make the mistake of religious fanatics who made theism compulsory. The new atheists are making the same mistake in reverse, this time with bad science to enforce belief. People like Dawkins show the same religious idiot/fanatic mentality in an atheistic brand.
The rise of modernity is a very full and robust universe of systems, beliefs, religions, anti-religions, philosophy, science, etc…There is no excuse for the current attempts to make scientism the new theocratic center of gravity.
For starters, Xtians can begin to study religion to put their very narrow theology in context….

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