High IQ meritocratic neoliberal idiots…retardation is insidious

Anyone who has mingled with these meritocrats finds this analysis misleading: this elite is filled with extremely stupid people in their own way. Look at the hopeless mess created by meritocracy in the age of neoliberalism…

The question of what is intelligence remains unsolved whatever the status of IQ tests which in any case place high intelligence still further beyond the 10%/1%. Something is scrambled in these discussions, to put it mildly.
In any case, the issue of equality is fundamental and can’t depend on misleading abstractions like IQ…

I have often been surprised that high IQ people can master neoclassical economics but can’t grasp the flaws…or the idiocy of the whole subject…

The average economics textbook is in any case an upside down IQ test…

Ultra-educated, highly paid, overworked elites are not partners in the struggle to reform an unequal system.

Source: The Fall of the Meritocracy | The New Republic

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