The ambiguity of revolutionary transformation

Red Forty-eight Group: more on the ‘virtual’ revolution
February 4th, 2017
We have arrived at a dangerous moment. Many who wouldn’t ever consider the question of revolution confronting the point of no return we have entered on the issue of climate change are stopped in their tracks by the insult added to injury by Donald Trump. The moment is starting to produce a kamikazi mentality.

We should at least consider our strategy of the virtual revolution, that is a stated consideration of the revolutionary option that is subject as it were to a countdown prior to initialization. This has some potential to force the issue without provoking people into crossing the threshold of illegal action or irreversible decisions…Some of the potential in that approach:

it is legal free speech

it can multitask with different strategies as an open bluff, maybe

it can get the work done of thinking through the ‘what is to be done’

it can provoke the debate over non-violent strategies and lead beyond gandhian illusion and sentimentality
it can send a message that the rules might be changing
i.e. scare the heck out of the powers that be…
it will force the study of the history of bolshevism, leninism and generate a recompute of the whole marxist legacy
it might energize such marxists to repair their legacy, streamline it, and volunteer for a new ‘red forty-eight group’, a virtual blueprint of a movement, virtual or realizing…
and this can lead to a reinvention of revolution, one with failsafes against many undesirable outcomes…
those with a buddhist type understanding know they will reincarnate in their own mess: we can warn the indifferent who think they will die scotfree of the terrifying karma they have inherited…
PLease, no more washington marches of the nice rhetoric/go home brand: at least produce the issue of
revolution, virtual, out front…
We should have had this already in the climate movement and on the left generally. For some reason the marxist left has become inert. Perhaps just as well: it is a sign that they sense their legacy won’t work anymore. We must consider the axioms of socialism and communism, learn from that history, and start from scratch. All we need is a statement of a new politics, a new economy, a new bill of rights, and a revolutionary program declared virtual but sending a message of the strongest ‘or else’…

The point is that we are out of time for a huge maybe called the ‘next election’. We should be
multitasking on that front in any case.
Let us keep in mind that the problem we face is transnational. If you have a smartphone, consider the
plight of the coltan miners in the Congo…the behavior of the american system in general is out of
control globally. Socialists in power in some mythical electoral victory would confront the establishment
and soon be indulging in drone warfare, etc…electoral reform cannot solve the larger problem…
A march on washington with a platform of revolution stated virtually just might generate change as is…
We have probably missed the 2C danger point. We have already passed 400ppm. Time for a million
people to descend on washington…

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