Zionists and religious right better at driving away adherents than secular humanism…?

The american religious right and the israeli zionists between them are doing more to discredit and dismiss monotheism than an army of secular humanists.
The capture by capitalism (with symptoms as early as the reformation, but in a more classic form of the capitalist ideology in religion) of christianity next to the trashing of the judaic tradition by zionist thugs has made any association with that religion almost a liability: the sense of disgust is driving away people in droves….

R48G: what stance on religion from the left?

May 7th, 2017 ·
We have launched two salvos against Judeo-Christianity today (two older posts from earlier this year) and this leaves the whole question in the void of the chaotic range of definitions of the secular. It is true that the secular era of modernity initiated a trend against archaic religion (especially those of the Axial succession) but it did not as such reject those religions. We see a series of ‘reformations’ and then an increasing and progressive disintegration of the Judeo-Christian legacies.

The persistence of the confusion in a ‘secular’ Israel is a complication and seeming exception. But the Reformation is a contradiction with respect to its classic tradition and with respect to the rapid conservatizing of the remains of the ‘religion’, witness the disgrace of the right-wing Bible Belt. As to the question of Israel: the secularization of Judaism by all rights should critique the ‘membership’ criteria that have proven so destructive over the centuries: secularization ought to suggest (voluntary) assimilation beyond the cultural identity politics of Jewish religious membership. We see instead a (transient, no doubt) play on two sides of a fence in a geopolitical innovation created by Zionists who tend to have no religious tenets in the classic sense. The extraordinary outcome of the Holocaust demands however a careful treatment of the questions raised by persistent, but disintegrating, Judaism.

A hopeless mess but the best solution if to liberate Christians from their legacy at which point the Judaic will accelerate its dissipation.

But if we challenge Christianity the question remains, what was the meaning of its history, what was the nature of its theology, what is the reality of ‘salvation’ as a spiritual ‘path’, and is its ‘faith’ emphasis really the right approach given the gross character of what is demanded as belief?

The problem here is that the ‘secular’ has been captured by a mélange of confusions that drive many backwards to a religious perspective. In the nonce the whole cultural sphere of modernity is under assault by so-called New Age restorations of gnostic, mystical, yogi/Buddhist traditions and these to a first view seem destined to replace monotheism with a new set of beliefs. It is true that these traditions

have something to say to the impoverished content of monotheism, but the appearance is deceiving as
these ‘oriental’ contributions begin to founder in their own ‘reformations’.
We can’t resolve all these issue very easily. For example, can a committed secularist really claim that
‘salvation’ is a myth. It is not so easy to dismiss this idea. But the irony is that Christianity could never properly define ‘salvation’ as a cult of passive membership while the onset of secular modernity suggests both a vigorous debriefing of the concept, and most remarkably, a better set of definitions of its meaning.
The point is merely that the secular humanists have no properly critique either monotheism or religion in general, while the New Age attempts to supercede the tradition are themselves victims of their own traditions.
A leftist take on all of this requires a vigorous critique but not necessarily a dogmatic scientism as a substitute. The questions here were addressed by the philosopher Kant who warned that the critique of metaphysics could work both ways and that question of religion and reason was no so easily resolved by the legacy of physics fundamentalism.
The left needs to create a very large tent, operate with a dash of Feuerbach but more generally an historical-research perspective that is truly dialectical and properly equipped to really deal with religion in a fashion better than the sterile views of secularism with a dash of Nietzsche. The secular humanists have produced an aborted outcome to the passing of Axial Age religions and the system will be driven over and over to try and reinvent religion. The left can’t really resolve the issue of religion without a larger perspective than marxist idiocy on the history of religion. A warning to conduct some better research and to avoid trying to manufacture baseball-cap true believers in a reduced view of scientism turned into its own religion.

In some ways, the left might simply stand by and let the post-reformation take its course: these religions have a huge outstanding momentum but slow but surely their fate is sealed.


two earlier posts

Israel and Jewish supremacist chauvinism and covenantal historicism as racist propaganda…Jews have
no right to some special homeland and must become a population among many…

February 16th, 2017 · https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public/XML_DARW_GC_Axial?preview=9780984702947_txt_Enigma_ of_the_Axial_Age.pdf

Figuring out the history of ancient Israel requires a new perspective on world history: here the ‘eonic model’ of the axial age can help. The myth of divine intervention in ancient Israel is so primitive it is almost barbaric. It is unfair to the world’s poor exploited by religion to be still promoting Jewish spiritual superiority with its crypto-supremacist tactics up to and including control of the American government.

It is not true, false, that Jews have a special relationship with god. It was an illusion foisted on Jews by the axial age effect which included a far vast set of focal groups. The axial age was not a form of divine revelation.
Challenging religious exploitation in the israeli religious abortion //Dismantling the judeo-christian
religions…israel as rogue state…judaism’s fraudulent history

May 7th, 2017
The judeo-xtian titanic is foundering in its own contradictions. We have a right and a duty to expose the abuse of theology, christian and judaic that is using biblical myth/propaganda to promote/exploit Israel in the name of religious belief concerning the Old Testament. The account of Israelite history in the classic Bible can no longer stand the test of modern rational/historical enquiry.
These believers have lost the right to such fictions which are used to such destructive purposes. Source: Dismantling the judeo-christian religions…israel as rogue state…judaism’s fraudulent history

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