The russian revolution could have been a turning point…instead squandered the socialist alternative…

The socialist alternative should have come into existence in the era of 1848 in the wake of the French Revolution. Instead its potentiality seems to have been squandered on a dogmatic marxism, the gyrations of leninism and finally the grotesque outcome of stalinism.
Especially the era of the russian revolution could have been a turning point in world history able to create a kind of response/wrapper to the capitalist juggernaut. Instead the whole possibility got flushed down the toilet by the triumph of sheer stupidity.
Part of the problem is marxism itself which its adherents mostly fail to understand and whose core theories are in any case misleading. The dual contrast of socialism/capitalism was so extreme that an alternative its adherents failed to even define came to justify the total destruction of society and its replacement by a host of totally inappropriate replacements, all dominated by an explosion of covert agency operatives who were exceptional in their psychopathy.
To this day the left celebrates this history as somehow a great breakthrough when the reality is an opportunity was squandered.
A new round of potential is likely to fall into the hands of the same idiots: we need to recast socialism beyond capitalism as a practical and realizable alternative, without a secret police, cadres of revolutionaries as a new bourgeoisie, and something that the general population will find useful, safe, with rights and liberties and democratic potential in the context of a Commons beyond private capital…

The fallacies of marxism are a great tragedy in world history.  The Russian revolution created a tremendous opportunity which was squandered completely via the idiocy of Lenin/Stalin, but more the …

Source: The lost opportunity of the era of bolshevism and its stupidities – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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