The left needs to fill the void on the critique of darwinism

The religious right has taken over the older critique of darwinism but turned it into a subtle form of apologetics, although the ID camp as such has tried to observe a scientific neutrality.
This critique of darwinism, which was originally a scientific one (cf. figures such as Fred Hoyle), focused on the issue of natural selection has become football for the religious right.
In the process, notably here, the whole range of issues is scrambled with right wind climate denial, a stance that throws the whole scientific pretense of these groups in doubt.
Time for the left to take over the critique of darwinism, exposing its social darwinist ideology, and freeing it from any nonsense of about other conservative issues, e.g. climate change which has nothing whatsoever to do with the evolution issue.
Noone has as yet produced a true theory of evolution, so an empirical study set with critiques would do the left nicely…

Source: The Manhattan Contrarian on David Gelernter abandoning Darwinism | Uncommon Descent

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