Growthonomics: to the bitter end…soon the ‘bitter now’….

The final tragedy of capitalism is to make growth counterproductive and destructive. We are moving (or not moving at all, but enjoined to do so) into a new world that has to leave capitalism behind, increasingly aware of the damage done to massive numbers in all population in the implantation of an ideological obsession that simply follows kneejerk ‘grothonomics’to the bitter end, if not the bitter present…

R48G: the prosperity illusion

May 5th, 2017

The activist is often prone to use bad economic conditions, e.g. the crisis of 2008, to make a case, but we live in a strange time: the evidence of relative prosperity is as good a field of protest as any. This morning we hear of relatively good employment stats, for example, and low unemployment, but we must in fact redouble our efforts at critique because we no longer live in the context of economic optimism (and its hidden discontents) based on growth, prosperity, jobs, and technological euphorias.

The grim fact is that in the situation we find ourselves in the reality of growth is part of the problem. And that situation is the reality of developing climate catastrophe. So must if anything redouble our critique precisely when the system appears to right itself. In fact the prosperity illusion needs especial expose because it blinds us to the self-destructive endgame underway that probably spells the endgame of pure unrestricted capitalism…

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