Working class and universal class

We have frequently discussed the ‘universal class’ beside the ‘working class’ and tried to show how the working class concept tends to leftist imagination:

the left’s focus might as well be on the larger universal class which includes multiple different sectors and from there the focus is on individuals form all those classes who as individuals support socialist transformation…

The problem isn’t really the ‘working class’ as such: that class really is a part of the rising middle clas…The reference to the proletariat is usually imaginary…

Michael Mann believes that 20th century Marxism has made a mistake by describing fascism as a petty-bourgeois mass movement. He does not argue that the leaders were not bourgeois, or that the bourgeoisie behind the scenes was financing the fascists. He develops these points at some length in an article “Source of Variation in Working-Class Movements in Twentieth-Century Movement” which appeared in the New Left Review of July/August 1995.If he is correct, then there is something basically wrong with the Marxist approach, isn’t there? If the Nazis attracted the working-class, then wouldn’t we have to reevaluate the revolutionary role of the working-class? Perhaps it would be necessary to find some other class to lead the struggle for socialism, if this struggle has any basis in reality to begin with.Mann relies heavily on statistical data, especially that which can be found in M. Kater’s “The Nazi Party” and D. Muhlberger “Hitler’s Followers”. The data, Mann reports, shows that “Combined, the party and paramilitaries had relatively as many workers as in the general population, almost as many worker militants as the socialists and many more than the communists”.

Source: [Marxism] Michael Mann on working-class support for fascism

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