Persistent darwinism? an ideology of the elites…

We have repeatedly tried to expose the foundation of the social darwinist ideology at the core of darwinism. The left has consistently hedged here by blaming social darwinism on something else than the basic theory of natural selection. We need hardly wonder why the debate over evolution has been so protracted: powerful economic interests maintain the ideological illusion of darwinism…(as the left fumbles the ball in compliance)

It is sad failure, but now that the bottom is falling out of the darwin paradigm we can move beyond the darwinist ideology to a more intelligent approach to evolution without the implications that fuel survivalist idiocy…

Such a system of extreme self-interest is encouraged by how, at its core, neoliberalism is an example of Social Darwinism and Malthusian thinking: survival of the fittest is the guiding principle. All other people are expendable and viewed as being “surplus” under this form of human livestock management.

Source: Billionaires prepping for an apocalyptic ‘event’ — but what happens to everyone else? –

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