Shake and bake: socialism: ‘cash’ on the barrel…plus: Archive: histomat and the Iron Cage…

The development of a new framework on the left starts with a critique of marxist theory, a classic legacy but one that a socialism/communist doesn’t really need any more. If anything ‘theories’ of such complex subjects as history and a science of such are a liability and simply invite conservatives to indulge in target practice.

A look at the history of marxism shows that the whole subject began to founder at the end of the nineteenth century while the mainstream simply ignored the criticisms. That strategy won’t work any more, and not just because of the ‘theories’: any subject tends to thought mechanization and tends to become a ‘chapter and verse’ citation resource, a fatal outcome curable only with revamped concepts and terminology. In the process of that overhaul understanding can come as dead masses of thought come to life again.
We have suggested that a new effort to get specific about what a socialist society would look like can animate a new public that is actually ready for postcapitalism but turned off by the botched, incompetent, and genuinely scare level of stupidity arriving with the bolsheviks, and not just them.
We have constructed our still incomplete model to take the issues beyond mere references to ‘socialism’ but to a complex systems level that requires more than just the abstraction ‘socialism but a series of independent yet connected problems: democracy and authority, economy as planning/markets, the definitions of (neo-) communism in terms of the outcome of private property: we need models that don’t just get lazy and think in terms of ‘state capitalism’, etc…
Archive: histomat and the Iron Cage…
April 15th, 2017 ·
We are to archive in our blogbook some posts since last year in addition to ‘posts current as you go’…
Red Forty-eight Group: strategy to neutralize Iron Cage scientism/pseudo-scienceWe keep harping on historical materialism, but our logic is sound: a deterministic theory (it is denied that it is such, but…) creates a Iron Cage effect in which autonomy has been sacrificed to theory. And this is the case for the overall Iron Cage mentality of science/scientism, neo-classical economics, darwinian evolutionary theory, and marxism itself. This is one reason we have challenged darwinism here: it represents a subtle mechanization of behavior and culture, this playing into the hands of elites via social darwinism, and the result is a brand of the kind of ideology of theory that Marx attempted to challenge. But the result sank further into the quicksand.

It would be a cogent revolutionary tactic to exploit this weak spot in the establishment of ‘Big Science’ by seeing this fatal weak spot and moving to seize the high ground of real science. Almost the whole cadre of science and economics are fixated in pseudo-science, an easy target.
The result can be an improved social perspective based on the rich spectrum of resources of the early modern.

R48G: our formulation is free of the need to defend legacy marxism/leninism…and a proposal to (american) military sectors… need-to-defend-legacy-marxismleninism-and-a-proposal-to-american-military-sectors/

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We have cited in two days two critiques of marxism. Our stance is, so what? Our task in to arrive at a path to postcapitalism, and we can do this without having to spend any time defending marxism or leninism.

This approach to the question of communism as ‘democratic market neo-communism’ is completely unburdened from all the implications of marxist fundamentalism, historical materialism, and yet can easily absorb restatements in simple empirical formats of many of the classic themes/memes such as class struggle, the influence of ideology, economics and theoretical illusion. We can even rescue the labor theory of value as long as we don’t get into theoretical quagmires with the simple restatement to the effect that labor exploitation is historically as the core of capitalism, etc…
Our DMNC is a compromise that isn’t a compromise at all because its foundation is a communist legal foundation and expropriation of private property/the bourgeoisie to the ‘Commons’. With that foundation there is no reason why a structured mix of planned economy and modified market economics can’t coexist in a complex system of transitional and hybrid neo-communist legal/constitutional communism.
There are a whole set of issues however of the actual character of capitalism as is, especially in our focus on the US: let us take up one issue and quite directly preach a path of a military for a postcapitalist age. In a considerable irony the american military could redeem itself by becoming a global force for postcapitalist DMNC and an equalizer in the ecological transition to a new civilization liberated from capitalist militarism, imperialistic fascism and the economic capture by the military industrial complex. A new conception of the soldier based on the individual rather than the mechanized human robot could liberate the tradition from its class basis and exploitation….We can thus propose without apology a seditious project of a military for DMNC as an exit strategy for the current system of exploited, class based and fascist US army sectors…

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