“Our Revolution” ?

We have critiqued Sanders’ Our Revolution many times as really meaning ‘social democratic’ or ‘New Deal’ and then yesterday noted that the term seems to have been left behind as it becomes the usage of those to the left of Sanders…

R48G: ‘Our revolution’ and the ambiguity of revolutionary sloganeering…
April 20th, 2017 ·
http://darwiniana.com/?s=our+revolution We have addressed Sanders’ ‘Our revolution’ many times here and in the end the phrase, which could be wither a cooptation or a slyly seditious, ‘revolutionary’, slogan points to impotence of those who see rightly that a revolution is needed even as the undertow of conventional politics leads to what we in fact saw with Sanders: a tide of socialist hurrah turning in circles to become a sucker punch for actually socialists, not the ‘new deal/social democratic’ reality espoused by the berniacs. That is, cooptation?
There is no inherent reason why a radical platform can’t work within the system but at this point we must confront, at least theoretically, the reality of social catastrophe unfolding and only resolvable by near kamikazis prepared to take on the system in a revolutionary sense. We need to do more than implore the working class to revolt under the bargain of a higher minimum wage. Consider the staggering list of issues on which a so-called socialist should work even as these will ‘gravitate’ as a verb compromise:
climate change which the working class it seems could care less about degrowthing, which makes the question of social democratic gains ambiguous political corruption, the need for a new type of congress

presidential ‘slide’: the warmaking presidency
covert action and a ‘deep state’ of militarist shadow figures the 9/11 conspiracy and that deep state…
outright drug mafias in place behind government fronts

imperialistic wars

the question of Israel and the Lobby: will these socialist suppress evidence of Israelis behind 9/11?

capitalism and militarism, capitalism/globalization and economic nationalism, the whole spectrum of standard socialist issues

This list shows the necessity of comprehensive social transformation.
After tremendous struggle socialists might get a congressman or two in place. so what? On which of the above will they compromise?
One thing is clear: we can’t compromise on the climate question and we can’t wait 4/8 years on the
hope that Trump will be defeated…
Obviously the situation is hopeless, yet perhaps not…
We have suggested that a broad radical/revolutionary movement requires more than marxist
boilerplate and socialist cliches. We have suggested complete makeover of a version of democratic neo- communism.
This demands that ‘marches on Washington’ be something more than placard graffiti displays and
consider the potential of taking over Washington infrastructure. https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public?preview=Two+Manifestos+version+2.pdf

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