Capitalist hypnosis

R48G: the hold of capitalist hypnosis and the failure of a science of either history or economics

May 1st, 2017 capitalism-doom-the-planet

The absurdity of the current ideological fix on all publics with respect to the virtues of capitalism is beginning to crumble

but the question of moving beyond capitalism has yet to gel as an actual social project of projects, notwithstanding the apparent commitment of the older left to just this. In fact, the ideological assault of fake theory has proven successful and the models of neo-classical economics have a hold on thinking that even physicists seem to buy into. It is remarkable the foundation of core economic theories is simply bogus and therefore that the prejudice unexamined of the efficacy of markets has been a hard sell. In the age of climate catastrophe and the inability of the ‘capitalist public’ to even grasp the danger is a late alert to the malevolent effects of and false assumptions about capitalist economies. Here the ‘end of history’ argument (like the Misean counterattack on planned economics) have proven truly effective propagandas with hardly anyone grasping their pernicious fallacies in motion.

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